Vol. 6, Issue 2, December 2010.



Foretić Nikola1, Uljević Ognjen1& Prižmić Ante2
1 Faculty of Kinesiology, Split, Croatia
2 Tenis club „Split“, Split, Croatia


COBISS.BH-ID 1847576
UDK: 796.012.11


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The aim of the study was to determine metric characteristics of the 2 tests for evaluation handball ball speed during over arm throw of handball ball. Research was conducted on a sample of 50 students of the Faculty of kinesiology, average age of 20.4 years. Beside measurements of body height and body weight, speed of ball flight after over arm throw from sitting position (distance 4 meters) was assessed with radar gun. The tests of over arm throw were performed with a blocked and a free hand which does not perform a throw. Results show satisfactory reliability, sensitivity and validity of all tests. The homogeneity of tests was not good considering that the positive trend of results was observed. This is a consequence of respondent adaptation to the technique of over arm throw performance. Factor analysis extracted a latent dimension that maybe called a factor of the ball speed during overarm throw performance.  Respondents achieved significantly better results in the test RS because of biomechanical freer movement. This also confirmed the pragmatic validity of the tests. The tests are best for use in sports like handball, water polo, tennis, volleyball, baseball or throwing disciplines in athletics because of the similarity of overarm performance and technical elements of the chosen sport. The advantages of tests are fast performance, easy execution and good metric characteristics and the defects poor homogeneity and necessity for a radar gun.


Key words: arm and shoulder, explosive power, metric characteristics, overarm throw, radar gun, assessment.



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