Vol. 11, Issue 1, June 2015.



Dejan Ilić1, Stefan Stojaković1, Nikola Fišeković1, and Saša Đurić1
1Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University of Belgrade, Serbia

doi: 10.5550/sgia.151101.en.006I
UDC: 611.986:796.332



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Medical check-up shave determined an increasing number of children with body defects as well as functional disabilities of locomotors system. Therefore it is essential to involve children in various forms of physical activities. In that sense, one of the most successful measures to implement in order to act preventively, and consequently correctively, are the sports games. Modern way of life leads to many postural disorders and deformities and one of the most presenting schoolchildren is flatfeet. The aim of the paper is detections well as presentation of feet postural status of football players of different competition categories in Valjevo football clubs. This search included 114 children playing for football clubs of Valjevo, and indicated the fact of lower percentage of children with flatfeet (40.35%), than the children with no deformities (59.65%). Additionally, the data showed that tighter percentage of children with regular feet belongs to senior categories, which are, on one side, alarm in data since they indicate that younger children have higher percentage of deformities and weaker posture, but on the other hand this fact is encouraging because such deformities are eliminated with more success at young age. It is necessary to promptly implement prophylaxis, especially in critical periods for flatfeet occurring. Thus, the deformities can be duly treated. Initially, the exercises performed at football training are not aimed at correction of a deformity, but as means of football game. But, when analyzed in details we can see that they have significant preventive action for certain body parts.

Key words: competition categories, correction, feet status, football, prevention


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