Vol. 11, Issue 1, June 2015.



Briskin Yuriy1, Pityn Maryan1, Semeryak Zoryana1, and Vaulin Oleksandr1
1Department of olympic, professional and adaptive sport, Lviv State University of Physical Culture, Ukrane

doi: 10.5550/sgia.151101.en.004Y
UDC: 796.015.1-055.2



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It is set that discrepancy in the structure and content of correlational connections between indicators of technical and tactical kinds of training of women epee fencers of different qualification can allow to confirm about the need of educational and training correction with use of accents on the improvement of hits accuracy without attention decrease on other kinds of training of qualified sportsmen on the stage of specialized basic development and their training level approach to model indicators of high qualified women epee fencers.

Key words:interconnection, qualification, technical training, women epee fencers.


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