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Sport, as social phenomena, is a part of cultural, political, economic and religion way of life of one nation, a part of their tradition and philosophy. Same as science, in its being sport is international, what makes it accessible and understandable to all nations of the world. Not only international, but at the same time interdisciplinary, and in a center of attention of experts from almost all areas, from politics, religion, philosophy, medicine, law, mathematics, physics to music and literature. 
Dimitrij Ivanovič Mendeljejev, eminent Russian scientist, at the beginning of XX century said a lot of significant things about science and its development in future. His words:”By trying to find out the endless the science itself has no limits, and with its world character, it is inevitable to get the one from the nations too”, are the words of a prophet. Following the words of Saint Vasilije, who said that “no one can reach his goal in separation and solitude”, as also Mendeljejevs and the words of Rolin J. Colinwood that the science is made of “acceptance of something that we do not know and are trying to reveal” we started the SportLogia journal. Our leading idea was to open the doors of our institution to people who carry the spirit of science and come from all over the world, so they can publish and reveal their findings in sport science. 
Sport Logia journal covers the areas of sports and physical education. It is issued twice a year and publishes original scientific papers, reviewed scientific papers, scientific gathering presentastions, short scientific articles and professional articles from the area of sports, physical education, recreation, kinesiology anthropology, training methods, sport biology and exercise, sport medicine, sport history and sport management as well as contributions from other sciences (medicine, sociology, psychology, philosophy, exact sciences and mathematics) applied in sports.
Our wish, throughout this journal, is to enrich ourselves, most of all with new findings from the areas of sports, physical education and recreation. Journal fulfills the terms demanded by the Rulebook about scientific publications of the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and is registered in several world databases.


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